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The 7 Foods That Burn Excess Belly Fat Fast

Did you know there are foods you can eat that will actually help you burn fat and lose weight? It seems contradictory and yet it’s true. These fat-burning foods working by kickstarting the rate at which your body normally burns st0red fat when you eat. And so here are 7 foods that burn fat by triggering your body’s metabolism to kick into high gear.

Sometimes it is the perfect combination of protein and carbs that do it, sometimes it’s a nutrient that gets the job done. Add these 7 foods into your meal plan and start boosting your metabolism and burning fat right away.

1. Milk . calcium and protein are natural metabolism boosters.

2. Oats . keeps blood sugar levels even and the fiber boosts metabolism.

3. Hot peppers . the ingredient capsaicin gives metabolism a kick start

4. Green tea - has a chemical called EGCG which causes your brain and nervous system to speed up and you burn more calories plus it has a bit of caffeine.

5. Chicken . a great source of metabolism boosting lean protein.

6. Fish . fish like Salmon contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which reduces the leptin levels in your body . lower levels = higher caloric burn.

7. Whole grains . one of the best sources of fiber and complex carbs so your insulin levels stay low and your metabolism stays high for ultimate fat burning.

Food isn’t the only thing that boosts your metabolism and burns fat fast. There are key exercises you can do a few times a week to get the weight l0ss you desire. Truth is HOW you prepare your food makes a real difference between turning a fat-burning food into a fat-ST0RING one and hence.....its so important to not only know the complete list of fat-burning foods but also HOW to prepare them.

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