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Daily Tips On How To Stay Fit For Work And Studies

How we begin our day is said to affect us for the rest of day sometimes, and this is totally dependent on what we do as soon as we wake up.

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According to experts, the human body requires cues from the environment to help regulate sleep, energy levels, metabolism and bodily functions for the day.

In this light, we have curated some of these crucial things we must do every morning to stay fit for all our activities for the day. Well, apart from praying, meditating and planning for the day.

1. Tea

A cup of coffee, green tea and others makes people feel more alert and less groggy throughout the day.

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2. Breakfast

A nutrient-dense meal or breakfast serves as a good source of energy for the day's activities and also saves you the stress of huge appetite for the rest of the day.

3. Exercise

Engaging in either intense or moderate aerobic exercises every morning releases endorphins that helps to minimize pains, discomforts and as well increases wellbeing.

4. Mood enhancers

Spending time with your loved ones or your hobbies in the morning boosts mood, energy and productivity levels. On the other hand, engaging in argument or fights can ruin your mood for the rest of day.

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5. Water therapy

Drinking a few glasses of either warm water or water at room temperature replenishes hydration stores since we get dehydrated overnight. It also prevents a host of diseases and as well starts metabolism.

Note that the body relies on water to keep all the digestive processes running(metabolism).

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6. UV rays

Exposing yourself to sunlight in the morning isn't just good because of it's vitamin D content, but it triggers the body to stop producing melatonin.

This melatonin is a hormone that triggers the body to sleep, hence when it's no longer produced due to sunlight rays makes a person alert.

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Note that the absence of this rays is said to be responsible for a few cases of depression and low energy in some person's.

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