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Boys be careful - Check out how this boy ended up after smoking Weed (Video)

Recently many people have formed the Habit of Smoking weed. Weed is a stimulating substance called Indian hemp. Some smoke it to fight depressions while some are already addicted to it.

Recently in the world, many people Smoke weed as a result of influence. Some copy this from celebrities as Swag. The major thing is that smoking this thing has huge side effects.

Recently in a video that Surfaced online, Two young boys were Celebrating the birthday of one of them. One of the boys was seen speaking to the Camera, he was boasting of smoking every Indian hemp there while the Celebrant was seen rolling the weed.

After some minutes of Smoking the (Igbo) Indian Hemp. He was spotted lying down unconsciously and sweating profusely Only God knows what will happen to him.

My advice to every youth is that they should desist from Smoking, it destroys the Organs and makes people die young.

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