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Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Of Herpes

Genital herpes

Genital herpes is characterized by painful blisters which are fluid filled bumps that can break and ooze out the fluid, it is a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI). It is caused by a herpes simplex virus.

It is caused by two herpes simplex virus namely,


These viruses can be found in the mouth, genitals, and nose, as they enter the body through the mucous membrane.

The ability of viruses to multiply and adapt to their environment makes them very challenging to treat. The virus can be found in saliva, vaginal secretions or discharge, and semen.


The outbreak which is visible blisters appears after two days or thirty days after contracting the virus. See some symptoms

(1) Visible blisters on the scrotum, around the anus, penis, anus, vagina, mouth, lips, face, etc.

(2) Blisters may open and ooze liquid

(3) Body achesBody aches, headache, and fever

(4) Swollen lymph glands

(5) Itching in the area of contraction

(6) The appearance of crust over the sores within a week of the outbreak

In babies, it is deadly, can cause blindness, death, or brain damage. Kindly let your doctor know if you contract the virus and are pregnant so precaution can be taken during delivery because babies can contract it during birth.


Drugs are administered for healing of sores and ease pain, these drugs are antiviral. Drugs can be prescribed to prevent future breakouts after the first. Use mild bathing soap, take your bath with warm water. Maintain good hygiene, keep affected areas dry, invest in cotton clothing.

No cure yet for genital herpes, it is good and economical to prevent it than it is to cure. The safest method ever is abstinence. If you're married, make sure to remain faithful to your partner and go for regular medical check up, this will help treat if there is any hidden infection or disease.

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