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What Is Your Brand in Life?

A brand can be referred to a variety of anything or an image or reputation of a man so just as there are brands of drinks, cars etc., there are brands of personalities.

I know you want to do so much for the world and your generation but many things would discourage you including men but how you react to what every situation will tell what brand you are

Types of Brand in Life

Low self esteem brand: You don't feel you are good enough so when situations or people try to pull you down you let them.

You let people trample on you and you are too scared to manifest because you feel you will never do well.

Try to build your confidence else you may never do anything good in life.

High self esteem brand: You know who you are and you believe you can achieve the best.

You do not let people pull you down, you are bold and confident in all you do so you cannot be misused 

One of the things you need to work on is your self concept(esteem,confidence and respect) if you want to achieve so much in life.

A person with a with a poor certificate and great confidence can achieve better than a person with a good certificate and no confidence.

You are a brand but until you know what kind of brand you are or should be you will remain less of your brand or not up to your brand.

Purpose Driven Brand: To become a purpose driven person you have to first gain a good self concept(confidence,respect and esteem)

People who know what they should do and why they are living,they want to make impact.

They make use of everything of every opportunity to become better because they have an ideal self and they are working towards it

They have a strong will and a great confidence so even if they fall they never relent.

✖Critics: Most of the people who are fault finders have nothing to offer because pride and jealousy has blinded their own eyes that they do not know they can become better than others

All they do is find faults in people,discourage the purpose driven people and make people feel they can never achieve anything or become better.

The bitter truth is they are not doing better,so they console themselves finding faults in others.

No one places a lower brand of car where the higher ones are kept so why move with people with a different brand with you? Imagine a purpose driven man having a critic for a best friend?.

The bottom line is what you think of yourself is what people will eventually think of you.If you let people trample on your dreams and principles you may never be able to stand up.

Having the right brand starts from you, your self concept. You need to work on yourself by yourself to become the best brand.

Things to do:

⚫Start by leaving that wrong circle and letting go of toxic relationships.

⚫Forgiving yourself for the mistakes you made and trusting yourself to stand up again to become the best.

⚫Work on your dreams and never relent until you become your ideal self.

⚫Trust God even in times of trails.

⚫Never forget you are the best of your kind even on the streets of London.

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