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5 Most Important Things To Do After Having Unprotected Sex

After having unprotected sex, there are lots of things that may be running through your mind especially when you engaged it with someone you don't know very well. For example, the thought of being exposed to STI or pregnancy may make you worry all day long and eventually lead to depression.

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But I assure you that there is no need to worry or panic because I will reveal to you some steps to follow in order for you to be save. In this article, we will discuss some important things to do after unprotected sex.

1. Take PEP

Post-exposure prophylaxis is a short-term treatment for people who have been exposed to HIV through unprotected sex in the past 72 hours or more. HIV is a common and deadly virus, which is the main reason why you should take PEP after any unprotected sex. Meanwhile, for better and faster results, the drug must be taken within 72 hours, otherwise it will not work as expected. Also, make sure you see a doctor to recommend and prescribe post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) for you. After the prescription, you should take the medicine every day for 28 days to protect you from any sexual contactable diseases. In short, PEP is an effective way to prevent HIV or any STI infection, provided that you start taking it at the right time.

2. Use The Bathroom

After unprotected sex, the first thing to do immediately is to pee. Urinating helps to remove bacteria or germs from the body, thereby reducing the chance of urinary tract infection (UTI). But if you feel that you are not pressed enough, you can fill your bladder by drinking a lot of water. However, please make sure to clean the area around the genitals thoroughly to eradicate any bacteria on it. If you must use soap when washing, please use mild soap to avoid skin irritation, but I still recommend that you use only water for better improvement. As a female, please avoid sticking or touching your private parts or vagina with any liquid.

3. Use Contraceptive Pills

The best time to use birth control pills is immediately after unprotected intercourse. In addition to other forms of birth control, contraceptive pills can greatly reduce your chances of getting pregnant after exposure to condomless sex. To reduce the possibility of conception, it is recommended that you take birth control pills as soon as possible, at least within the first 12 hours. To avoid regrets in the future, be sure to obtain contraceptives from a good chemist or pharmacist.

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