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When did you last do any of these?

We seem to always be very focused in the higher things of life. Everyone has that mentality of I'm busy ,I want to make money, I want to pass my exams and the little things that we should always do, we seem to neglect them. Remember that health is wealth. I am going to list just 3 things here . If you haven't done any of them this year then get up from where you are and go and do it.


Some of us don't know the importance of our toothbrush. The first question is do you even have a toothbrush? I guess if you don't have then you have to rush out now to the nearest shop around your home and get one. Then if you have a frayed toothbrush then you should also get yourself a new one. According to Inna Chern, DDS, a New York City-based dentist, your toothbrush should be changed every 3 to 4 months in order to avoid bristle breakdown, enamel damage, and bacterial overgrowth. One of the most common issues that can result from using an old toothbrush is some seriously bad breath. Some of us don't take this issue of keeping our mouth clean serious. I can remember when an argument broke out between me and a lady on Facebook. Just because I said in a group that I do brush my teeth everyday ,the girl took offence against me and was seriously doubting me because of it ,so I had to settle it out with her in a private chat so she would stop disgracing herself. Take this issue very serious, remember that health is wealth.


The change I'm talking about here is in two categories. First is getting rid of your old under wears and replacing them immediately. The second one is changing your underwear at intervals. Some of us don't take this issue of changing our underwears serious. The amount of microbes that's located in your pubic region is tremendous. Continual usage of the same underwear for a long period of time can cause Scabies, and pray that you don't fall victim of that disease because it's very deadly. It can also lead to itchings and scratchings. Learn to take care of your under wears to prevent infections.


Your pubic hairs are those hairs that grow around your genitals. Although medical experts emphasize on the importance of the pubic hairs in trapping bacteria and so many other microorganisms while trying to get into our private parts, it is necessary for you to always trim it at least to make it look okay. And also shave off your armpits hair.

Thanks for reading , hope it was educative. Don't forget to follow me and also drop your thoughts in the comment

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DDS Inna New York City-based


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