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Why you should consider using Urine (pee) for your skin care

Every skin care product we have ever applied on our skin is made of compounds of chemicals, whether it's a factory produced skin care product or a natural home remedy therapy. Just like it is adviced to eat a healthy diet and take in less factory processed foods, it is also adviced that you take into consideration of what you rub and spray on your skin because, just as a healthy food would help the body system grow and heal, a healthy skin care routine which is free from all synthetic formulas would also elevate the body's health. Now, if you are in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, using an organic skin care should be important to you, such as Urine therapy. Yes you heard me right, as in, human pee.

Urine is made up of 95% water, 2% Urea and other resources of vitamins, minerals and protein in their small amounts. The water in Urine which is the most dominant substance, keeps the skin hydrated and Urea being a known antioxidant helps rehabilitate the skin. Urea makes the skin moistured by dissolving the hard substance holding skin cells together. In this light, it removes the dead tissues found on wounds to help the healing process. Urea is an exfoliant which makes the skin produce collagen thinking it's wounded to heal itself. With the attributes Urea offers, Urine therapy is used to treat dry skin conditions and other rough skin conditions like eczema, acne, psoriasis, etc. Other benefits Urine Therapy can offer includes a glowing and soft skin.

Stella Ralfini

Testimonies about how Urine Therapy has worked wonders isn't far fetched as US based newspaper, The Sun reports a 70 year old Stella Ralfini who came to know about the wonders of Urine Therapy during her course on Medicine in India 40 years ago. Stella Ralfini was adviced by an Indian local to dab pee on her skin when she had rashes and within a week, the rashes disappeared, then she became officially convinced and now she uses Urine Therapy as her natural remedy to have a beautiful and healthy skin. 

Chelsea Martin

Even if this still sounds gross to most people, there are people who are judiciously following this traditional treatment for their acne. Chelsea Martin wrote on her blog, Vice, that after trying so many treatment for her acne, none could ever give her the desired output she wanted. She came to know about Urine Therapy on a forum called and made some research but found out that it wasn't so uncommon and people uses Urine Therapy for all sort of ailment.

Ruby Karyo

This can really sound so uncomfortable to tell even people who are close to you. A woman also has faced this severally as she explained in Ruby Karyo, 30, who filmed herself gulping down her morning pee and dapping them on her face has alot to say about how much Urine Therapy has done for her. She has revealed that this bizarre therapy has cleared her pimples and acne and given a flawless skin. In her own words; "I am going to drink my own morning pee because everybody needs it twice or more in a week. It detoxifies your skin and clears your system.”

She also claims that after she got her boyfriend Brian Offenburger, 56, to drink his own pee to regain his hair loss, after two months, he had a positive result. After having this wonderful experience and wants to share with someone, they wouldn't believe her and would instead try to laugh it off but few can be interested after much explainations. She said in her own words: “People do think it’s strange at first but when I explain how great I feel they become more interested”.

“I would not tell lies to people, I would not tell them to try something that is bad for them, this actually works.”

It has been confessed by many people that drinking your urine and dabbing it on your skin like a mosturizer religiously does wonders like giving you a flawless skin, reduces the aging impact on you and cures ailments.

I'm sure this can make you feel uncomfortable when talking about it to someone even close to you. Who cares, your skin deserves the best natural healthy way to treat it. Urine is harmless to the skin and if dabbing urine on your skin gives you the best results, why not do it religiously. I guess that's a secret you would live with.

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Alright, please I want to hear your comments. Will you rub your pee on your face or drink it to have an amazing skin and health?

Content created and supplied by: BenDanor (via Opera News )

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