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You Think Its Impossible Right?: The Longest Underwater Kiss Lasted 20 Minutes and 11 Seconds

Yes this is very true and it's a world Guinness Record. They both spent over 20 minutes underwater sharing their mouths.

Now swimming underwater is a very difficult task to do, but people still do alot of unbelievable activities under these uncomfortable state.

How long can you stay underwater, 2mins, 3 or 5?

Well I'm sure you can barely spend up to 5 minutes underwater and by then you might be gasping for air, but there are humans like us who spent more than 20 minutes underwater, not just holding their breaths but kissing.


There are two different kind of record for “the longest underwater kiss”, and certainly only one of them deserves that call. It lasted 3 min 24 sec, and was accomplished by Michele Fucarino and Elisa Lazzarini on 18 March 2010. They are both experienced freedivers, and held their breath the whole time.

The other “longest underwater kiss” report should actually be referred to as “longest time underneath water receiving mouth to mouth air”, but it is rather a mouthful (pun supposed). It lasted 20 min 11 sec, and was accomplished by Nikolay Linder on 18 March 2012. Women took turns to swim down to him and bypass air into his mouth, but it's still recorded as a kiss. 

The latter is said to be the new "underwear kissing record" beating the former that lasted for about 3 minutes. Meaning the longest underwater kiss (mouth to mouth breathing) recognized by the Guinness Book of Records is 20 minutes and 11 seconds achieved by Nikolay Linder (Germany) at the Tauchcenter Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany on 18 March 2012.

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