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Carbohydrate Foods That Diabetics Can Consume Regularly

Diabetes occurs due to increase in blood glucose level and carbohydrates are meals that have been linked to increase the risk of a person's blood sugar level. Many health care personnel advises diabetics to stay away from carbohydrates generally, since diabetes cannot be cured but controlled. However, in controlling diabetes, there are rich-in-carbohydrate meals that diabetics can consume regularly without fear of any health challenges.

According to Healthline, below are some carbohydrate-rich meal that diabetics can consume often without being detrimental to their health.

1. Oaths

Healthline has reported that oats are rich carbohydrates meal that contains fibres as well. The fibre helps regulates the body's blood sugar level and slows down the amount of sugar that is absorbed in the body, providing a well sustained energy generally. A particular type of fibre known as beta-glucan, which improve insulin sensitivity in the body and reduces risk of heart disease is found oaths as well.

2. Sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes are generally nutritious and contains carbohydrates, but low on glycemic index. This is to say that unlike other carbohydrate source, they do not rapidly cause a spike in the body's blood glucose level. They are also rich in vitamin A and minerals like magnesium and potassium, and contains high fibres that can regular blood sugar level. You can decide to take them cooked, roasted, baked or mashed.

3. Quinoa.

Quinoa is a healthy rich grain substitute and a protein-rich carbohydrate source. Due to it's low glycemic index, it can aid in lowering rapid spike in the body's blood sugar level. It's richness in fibre also helps regulate the blood sugar level and contains other important vitamins and minerals like the vitamin B, magnesium and iron.

4. Legumes.

Chickpeas, kidney beans and lentils are legumes with good sources of carbohydrates, yet rich in fibre and low in glycemic index. This makes them good foods for diabetics. Legumes also reduce the risk of heart disease and controls the body's blood sugar level.

It is important to note that these meals can be taken moderately and incorporated into your daily diet with other rich meals that can help control your blood sugar level. Rich meals like vegetables, nuts, lean protein and healthy fats can be of great benefit to a diabetic. You can as well work with a health care personnel to create a good diet plan for you while trying to maintain a good blood sugar level.

In conclusion, carbohydrates are an important component of every meal, even for those suffering from diabetes. Remember that you need water and other classes of food to make a balanced diet, carbohydrates inclusive.

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