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High Sugar Level Kills: 4 Signs That Shows You Are Consuming Too Much Sugar

Sugar is a very important make up our diets because it comes with the sweetness that we use for preparation of alot of things. While sugar is very important, excess of it, can result to harmful consequences. When a person consumes much of sugar like every other thing, the person is prone to developing severe health problems including Diabetes.

Some of the dangerous effects of taking excess sugar is diabetes and left untreated or ignored can ultimately lead to the death of such a person. That's why, you need to master the amount of sugar you take in to avoid killing or hurting yourself because of your undying urge for sweetness. In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the signs that you're consuming much sugar. Just sit tight and enjoy the article.

1. Fatigue; this is one sign of excess sugar intake. If you start feeling tired all the time for no clear reason, it means that your body is not feeling well or alright as a result of the amount of sugar you take. Once you start noticing this, you must cut down on your sugar intake to avoid having a diabetic coma. This weakness is often because the energy boost that comes from sugar is temporary and also lacks nutrients for proper functioning of the human body.

2. Poor Skin Health; this is another sign that your body has taken enough sugar already. High sugar intake triggers production of androgen which results in acne and many more skin problems that you might start experiencing. Once you start noticing an increase in skin problems or conditions, then you must cut down on your sugar intake to avoid hurting yourself.

3. High Blood Pressure; just like salt, excess sugar intake can also lead to a spike in your blood pressure. If you don't want to hypertensive, you must cut down on your sugar level to avoid dying suddenly as a result of HBP.

4. Weight Gain; this is the most common and evident sign of excess sugar consumption. The end product of sugar is fat and if you are a heavy sugar consumer, you will certainly start gaining unnecessary and unhealthy weight to the extent that you might start wondering. Wonder no more, just cut down on your sugar intake and you will be fine.

Health is wealth, a word is enough for the wise. Just be careful, don't allow your cravings for sugar, end your life. Thanks.

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