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The Benefits And The Effects Of Palm Oil In Our Daily Life And Activities

Palm Oil is abtained from fruit of the palm oil tree

Palm oil is used for preventing.

Vitamin A Defficiency

• Cancer prevention

Brain Disease

• Aging

• Treating Malaria

• High cholesterol

• Cynanide poisoning

• High blood pressure.

* Food it's used for frying

* Industrially, palm oil is used for manufacturing of cosmetic, soaps, toothpaste, waxes, lubricants and inks.

Disavantages of consuming palm oil.

Unfortunately, the following Disavantages of palm oil far outweigh it's benefits.

• Environmental Impacts

• Climate Change

• Population

• Erosion

• Social Impact

Here is the details how the following Disavantages affect our daily consumption.

• Environmental Impacts

The most alarming effect of palm oils production lies on how negatively it impacts the environment.

• Climate Change

Palm oil is a major contributor to the global warming.

As they dry, their peat filled soils release large amounts of mathane, a greenhouse gas that has a global warming Impact 23 times than that of CO2.

• Population

Loss of critical habitat for endangered species.

The biggest impact of unsustainable palm oil production is the large - scale devastation of tropical forest. Habitat loss for endangered species like tiger, elephants. It can also lead to soil erosion.

• Erosion

In order to clear land to grow palm oil tree swathes of rainforest are burned, destroying habitat and home and the fragile rainforest ecosystem. Tree that remove carbon from air are destroyed, removing their storage forever.

• Social Impact

The production of palm oil can results in land grabs, loss of livelihood and social conflict and human rights are often violated in plantations.

Now that you have seen the important and Disavantages of palm oil you consumed Everyday, I hope you now know how to handle the way you use palm oil in your daily life activities.

Content created and supplied by: Aliyu_gbage (via Opera News )

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