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Nigeria Will have the second highest population by 2100-Researchers

According to the new Lancet study, the population of sub-Saharan Africa is expected to increase in size to more than three billion people by 2100.

Same researchers also predict that Nigeria will have one of the largest people in the world and that their economy will grow very well by 2100.

They also say that the recent rise in population will make the infrastructures and social structures to suffer,but Nigeria govt don't leave statement on how to slow and control growth population.

According to an interview with BBC,the Finance minister says Nigeria are working on how to control child birth because we have a lot of families in the country and we cannot feed them all not to talk of even giving them good health care or even quality education.

And she said many countries who were suffering with to much population were able to control theirs through birth control,with the govt giving actual number of children that the family can reproduce,so that might be the case in Nigeria with time to come.

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