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7 Natural Foods That Deworms The Body

Intestinal worm is a common health challenge faced by many individuals. It arises due to unhygienic conditions, consuming undercooked meat, drinking contaminated water etc. Common symptoms of intestinal worms are: Blood in the stool, stomach ache, diarrhea, weight loss etc. Some foods can help to alleviate and expel intestinal worms from the body. These foods will be discussed in this article.

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Natural Foods That Deworms The Body:

1 Raw papaya: it contains papain that work against intestinal worms due to it's anthelmintic properties.

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2 Coconut: coconut water clears out toxins from the body system. Coconut oil also contain antiparasitic and antibacterial properties.

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3 Pineapple: it contains bromelain which combats intestinal worms.

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4 Pumpkin seed: it is effective in expelling worms due to it's cucurbitacin content

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5 Carrot: It is an excellent source of vitamin A which alleviate intestinal worms.

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6 Turmeric: it is a super food that expel worms and boost the immune system.

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7 Garlic, onions.

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