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Signs That Shows Your Period Is About To Start

Here are some indications that your period may be approaching, based on information from Medicalnewstoday:

1. Brèast sensitivity: If your breasts feel sensitive or seem larger, it could be a sign that your menstruation is on its way. According to healthline Brèast tenderness and swelling are commonly caused by an increase in the hormone progesterone. These symptoms usually subside once your period begins, along with other premenstrual symptoms.

2. Mood swings: As your menstrual cycle nears its end, estrogen levels decrease and are replaced by progesterone levels. This hormonal shift can lead to mood swings or irritability. Fluctuating moods might be attributed to the impending start of your period.

3. Food cravings: It is common to crave certain foods before our periods, and there is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon. Hormonal changes during different phases of the cycle can affect our appetite and result in cravings for sweet or salty foods. So, reaching for that chocolate box might be your body's way of responding to hormonal fluctuations.

4. Changes in vàginal discharge: Another indication that your period is likely to begin is changes in your vàginal discharge, specifically a decrease in its quantity. Throughout the menstrual cycle, the amount and consistency of cervical mucus, a type of vàginal discharge, fluctuates. While you may occasionally notice cervical mucus when wiping after using the bathroom or on your underwear during your most fertile days, there shouldn't be much discharge in the days leading up to your period since you are not fertile during that time.

Additionally, it is worth highlighting the benefits of hormone-free birth control in terms of becoming more familiar with your body and its natural menstrual patterns.

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