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Cure your infertility and diseases with daily consumption of Ewedu leaf

Ewedu Leaf is one of the vegetables used to make soup, particularly by the Yorubas in Nigeria. It's commonly eaten by the Yoruba, compare to other tribes in Nigeria. It's called Achingbara in Igbo, Rama in Hausa and Jute leaves in English Language. And it is botanically known as Corchorus Olitorius.

According to research on health facts on Ewedu leaf. This leaf contains; 


Dietary fiber




Vitamins: C,E, A, Thiamin, Riboflavin

Minerals: Calcium, Iron

These properties make the leaf distinct and beneficial to the health. 

Pregnant women are advise to take Ewedu leaf to prevent and overcome prolong child birth, and also to aid milk secretion during breast feeding. It can be cook and consume on daily bases, or squeeze and take as a drink. 

It's also good for patients suffering from blood shortage. Consumption of Ewedu leaf on a regular basis reduces blood shortage. And it gives more blood to human body. 

Do you suffer from infertility? Ewedu leaf is a remedy to your disease. Medical practitioners have confirmed it that this disease can be cure through the consumption of this leaf. 

We all know that vegetables are well noted for vitamins that are good for the human skin. Ewedu leaf is one of these vegetables that help you to maintain that smooth skin you desire to have. 

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