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Couples getting stuck during sex is not"juju",read science facts about this rare condition

You would have come across this at one point or the other, a rare situation of couples getting stocked during sexual intercourse. This condition is known as penis captivus.

Penis captivus is a condition in which a man's penis get stocked in a woman's vagina during sexual intercourse, a very rare condition but few cases as being recorded. This article is to disregard the popular idea that it's as a result of 'black power'. Until cases were recorded,it was believed to be a myth. The cause of this is as as result of vaginismus, a condition in which muscle spasm in the pelvic floor causes the vagina to close involuntarily. If both parties relaxed, they will be separated after some time.

In an article published by MedicalNewsToday,the cause was explained thus, More informatio

a couple having sex where Penis captivus is a possibility

Shar""During arousal, the penis fills with blood, becoming erect in preparation for sexual intercourse. For females, the walls of the vagina relax and the vulva lubricates in preparation for sexual penetration.

The vaginal walls are made up of muscular tissue, which expands and contracts at different times during sex, such as during an orgasm. These contractions can be very strong, and they are sometimes stronger than usual.

In some rare cases, the vagina may contract with enough force to latch onto the penis. This could make it difficult for the partners to separate.

However, after these vaginal contractions come to an end, the vaginal walls will relax. The time that it takes for this to happen varies. The blood will eventually flow away from the penis, and it will become smaller and softer. When either or both of these things occur, the partners should be able to separate.

Due to the lack of medical documentation, it may be safe to assume that penis captivus — when it does occur — is a temporary phenomenon that may only cause fleeting discomfort."I hope you now understand it's not about cheating although fear could also be a causative factor

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