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Why Drinking Water After Intimacy is Important?

According to Verywell Health, intimacy or lovemaking is a beautiful way of expressing emotions for one's partner. It is widely accepted as a means of pleasure and procreation. However, it is important to be aware of healthy practices during intimacy to avoid developing certain diseases or infections.

One such healthy practice is drinking water after intimacy or lovemaking. This article will explore the reasons why drinking water after intimacy is highly recommended. It is especially important for women to drink water and urinate after intimacy to prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs). UTIs are caused by bacteria that can enter the urethra during sex. When women urinate after sex, it helps to flush out these bacteria from the body.

According to Verywell Health, if you are not in the habit of drinking water after intimacy, it is important to start doing so. Drinking water can help increase the urge to urinate, which can help flush out any bacteria that may have entered the urinary tract during sex. In addition, lovemaking can be an energy-intensive activity that can leave you feeling drained. Drinking water can help to replenish lost fluids and energy.

Therefore, it is essential to develop the habit of drinking water after intimacy to maintain good health. It is a simple yet effective way to prevent UTIs and replenish the body's fluids and energy. Drinking water is a healthy practice that should be adopted by both men and women after intimacy.

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