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Please Take Note Of This: Boil Pawpaw, Mango Leaves Drink It Twice A Day To Cure These Illnesses.

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Pawpaw also know as Papaya leaves and mangos leaves are recognized for their remedial usages and carry outstanding value in the world especially Nigerian. 

In Nigeria this leaves deal with crucial ailments from malaria to cancer and everything in between. Keep growing papaya trees and mango, and keep nurturing them so that you can utilise them and deal with your condition inherently.

Pawpaw and mangos leaves are assessed as one of the healthiest fruits, it assists in alleviating several illnesses. Not only the pulp but its leaves comprise numerous healing properties against several illnesses. 

In this article we will be focusing on benefits of mango and pawpaws leaves. 

First of all, we will start with step or preparation on how to go through it. 

Step 1.

Gatherer your pawpaw and mangos leaves .

Step 2.

Wash it with salt and water, and check out for carterpilar on it's back. 

Step 3.

Put it in your empty pot, and fill it with water (quantity of water depends on the amount of leaves you have.) 

Step 4.

Boil (Cook) it for good 10-15 minutes. 

Step 5.

After boiling it, let it cool and your natural Herb's is ready to drink. 

Drink 1 glass, morning and night to cure these diseases below. 


Papaya and mango, leaf rectifies the production of insulin which in spin checks blood sugar degrees. Its powerful antioxidants assist to bring down the resultant difficulties of diabetes like kidney damage and fatty liver. This remedy can work wonder for diabetics.


Papaya and mangos leaves comprise phenolic mixtures, papain and alkaloids and these nutrients perform as powerful antioxidants which in turn, enhance the nody’s protection. The immune-modulating properties of papaya leaf and mango,leave may help prevent cancer.

Menstrual cramps:

Pawpaw and mango leaves assists in lessen menstrual cramps and rectifies the menstrual cycle by equalizing hormonal changes.


Paw paw and mango, leaves have powerful antimalarial properties, giving rise to them best to cure malaria.

Digestive disorder:

The mixture of papain and other compounds existing papaya mangos and papaya leaves benefit in effective digestion of vital proteins which alleviate digestive illnesses. moreover, it enables in dealing with gastric ulcer and oxidative stress on the belly.

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