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Hormonal Issues That Can Cause Hair Loss In The Body

Did you know that certain hormonal imbalances can result in hair loss? Sudden hair loss can be a sign of a minor issue or an indication of more serious underlying health problems.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at some of the hormonal issues that can cause hair loss in the body. So sit back, relax, and learn something new from this publication on WebMD.

Which Hormonal Imbalances Can Cause Hair Loss?

1. Adrenal Gland Problems - Individuals with Addison's disease have adrenal glands that don't produce enough of certain hormones, including cortisol and aldosterone. According to healthline When these hormones aren't produced in sufficient quantities, it can result in hair loss and sexual problems in women. This condition can even be life-threatening if left untreated.

2. Thyroid Problems - Changes in the body caused by thyroid imbalances can also lead to hair loss. People with overactive or underactive thyroid gland may experience hair loss. Women are at a higher risk of developing thyroid issues, so if you notice unusual hair loss, you should see a doctor immediately.

It is crucial to seek medical attention if you suspect a hormonal imbalance is causing your hair loss. Early detection and treatment can help prevent further hair loss and address any underlying health problems.

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