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Six Things to do When you are Heartbroken

Love isn't the only caused of the state of being heartbroken. A lot of factors contribute to that. A person might be heartbroken because he or she has a terminal disease. Diseases like HIV,Cancer or Diabetes can make a person to be heartbroken.

Most a times people become heart broken because of disappointments. You loved someone to the core,wasted many fruitful years trying to make things work out and at the end, the person sees you as not too good enough to be his/hers. This situation can caused grave pains in the heart and subject a person to be heartbroken.

The state of being Heartbroken is defined as a state of suffering from overwhelming distress. Heartbroken can result from a lost property, a job, wealth or a love one

Overcoming the State of being Heartbroken

In overcoming the state of being heartbroken you need to do the following things.

1.Speak to someone you can confide in

2.List your Strengths and capabilities

3. Start helping others like community services

4. Exercises a lot

5.Think positively by fantasizing sweet thought

6.Laught a lot.

1.Speak To Someone You Can Confide In

Every person has someone whom he or she can speak to. A person who has a listening ear. Speaking out when you are disturbed or troubled releases the stress you have accumulated. A problem spoken is half solved. So don't keep quiet speak out to someone you can confide in and you will be surprised at how you feel a little bit relieved.

2.List your Strength And Capabilities

The caused of you being heartbroken might be the lost of a job, a house or property. If you sit back and list some of your capabilities. Example your a painter,photographer, a writer,a singer,technician or even a dancer.

List your capabilities and know that life still has a lot in stock for you. And if you don't have try to learn one.

3.Start. Helping Others Like Community Services

In order to be free from being heartbroken, try to help others. By extending a helping hand to others you know you are still relevant in other people's life. This can assist you in freeing you from being heartbroken.

4.Exercise A lot

Exercise is a good way to stay healthy and to release negative energy. Exercise will help to keep your mind off worries. You can go for a walk and experience the fresh air. It can be a 3km jogging or indulge in games like football, basketball and swimming.

5.Thinking positively by fantasizing sweet thoughts

Always have a positive mindset and fantasizes good thoughts. Think about meeting the best person,a house,a job or contract. Remember sweet memories and forget the ones that makes you unhappy.

6. Laugh a lot

Don't frown your face as if the whole problems in the world lies in your thoughts. Life is full of ups and down. It's always a transition process. Don't be sad and stop being unhappy ,just smile and laugh it off. You can read funny stories,jokes or films that makes you laugh.

Lastly if you follow these simple tips you will surely be freed from being heartbroken. There are many other methods of being free from the state of heartbroken but not mentioned here. This are personal views derived from research and experiences. You can also contribute views by sharing your experiences with us.

Waiting to hear from you. What do you think of the article?have you ever been heartbroken?Share your views and experiences with us.

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