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Kola nut is deadly for your health, bitter kola is very useful for your body system.

Kola nut and bitter kola has a great effects on our African tradition. It is more common mostly in the west africa, mostly used in wedding and Naming ceremony of a child. In my article, I will be showing some facts about these two plant and I will also be showing the deadly effect of kola nut in our body.


These are the reasons why kola nut is deadly to your health.

1. Bleeding disorder

2. Heart conditions

3. Diarrhea

4. Weak bones

5. High blood pressure

6. Affect blood sugar level.

Kola nut also contain a lot of caffeine. It is very bad for the body system.


Bitter kola has positive benefits starting from the seed, the nuts and the bark. They all have their usefulness in our body, all these part of the plant are still being used to treat different kind of sickness.

It can cure illness like

1. Malaria

2. Weight loss

3. Diabetes

4. Cough and soar throat

5. Cold and fever

6. Anti poison

7. Cure cancer.

They are also some interesting fact you may not know about bitter kola.

. Bitter kola works for depression, joint pain and diarrhea

. It helps to stop the growth of tumors and cancer disease in the body

. It helps in clearing the throat smoothly for easy breathing

I hope you learn something tangible from my article don't forget to like and comment if you have any questions.

Content created and supplied by: Phumizzy (via Opera News )

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