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Start Eating this Special Vegetable to Remain Healthy

Pumpkin leaves are special kind of leaves mostly eaten by South-easterners; it is called “Ugu” in Igbo language and has many health benefits.

Pumpkin leaves are natural sources of calcium, iron, protein, vitamin A and C.

Pumpkin leaves are highly rich in calcium, which is very important in every human body for strong bones and teeth and also reduce the risk of cardiovascular failure.

These leaves are also natural sources of iron which helps in transportation of oxygen from lungs to other part of the body most especially in women and children.

Protein is very essential in every human’s body for growth and development, and pumpkin leaves are very rich in protein.

Pumpkin leaves contain a high amount of vitamin A and C.

Vitamin A improves eyesight and helps to maintain smooth and healthy skin and hair, while Vitamin C helps to maintain healthy skin, bones and teeth as well as forming scar tissue and healing wounds.

Other health benefits of Pumpkin leave 

It regulates blood sugar level

Lower cholesterol

Enhance lactation in nursing mothers

Prevent infections (boosts immune system)

Combat diabetes 

Increase fertility

Prevent cancer

Although pumpkin or pumpkin leaves may not be commonly found in the Northern part of Nigeria but I advice those who have space at their back yard to plant it.

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A C. Igbo Pumpkin Ugu


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