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Opinion: Can You Allow Your Friend Who is a Medical Doctor Deliver Your Wife of Her Baby?

Friendship is a relationship of mutual trust and confident about someone who you feel you can open up everything to without getting hurt in any way, most people share all their daily experiences, marriage, family and other matters with their friends with the confidence that such persons can keep them safe.

However, some people believe that certain things should not be shared with friends to avoid some unexpected occurances.

I was chatting with my friends when one of them asked if you can allow your friend who is a doctor to deliver your wife of her baby?

The question caused division among us as some opened that it is not a big deal especially considering the financial aspect, while others arugued against it saying that they cannot allow their medical doctor friend to deliver the baby.

The supporters of this motion hinged their reasons on the financial advantage, they said the friend can cut the bill for the friend and that leaves him with money for other things. They also maintained that they doctor friend will take exceptional care of the wife and baby than other doctors because of the relationship between them.

On the other hand, the opponents argue that in a case where the doctor friend is a big joker, after seeing your wife's womanhood, he may use it to crack an expensive joke which they may not like. Also they argue that it is not good to let your friend who is a doctor to see your wife's thing when you cannot see his own.

This argument has continued unceasingly, I decided to bring it up for you to hear the opinion of majority of people using this medium.

So what is your opinion, would you allow your friend who is a doctor to deliver your wife of her baby?

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