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Be careful The Kind Of Agbo You Took, Because Some Of The Seller Mix Engine Oil Into It - Doctor

In Nigeria, many people, especially in the South-West region, believe and depend on local herbs for medication. "Agbo" the Yoruba name for herbal medicines, is a concoction prepared from a mixture of herbs and; it is one of the largest traditional herbal preparations taken for various ailments, especially by the native Yoruba people.

However, medical experts raise concerns about the after-effects of taking Agbo, especially over a long period. One of such concerns is that it can damage the kidney and liver; One of those doctors who raise a concern about this herbal medicine is Nonso Bobby Fidelis Egemba popularly known as Aproko Doctor.

He is a Nigerian medical doctor, Health Blogger, Activist, and social media personality. Dr Chinonso Egemba is among those media personality who provides relatable medical advice and hands-on solutions for everyday healthcare promotion. Aproko Doctor is popularly recognized for giving out medical tips and nuggets on his Instagram handle.

Recently, this award-winning Medical Doctor has taken it to his social media platforms Instagram to disclose what agbo sellers put in the herbal medicine that damage our Kidney. Making the announcement, Doctor aproko made it known that the seller will persuade their buyers that this same Agbo can cure stomach problems, headaches and many more other infections. He also stated that some people will go as far as adding engine oil to the agbo that we drink.

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However, our kidneys are one of the most important organs of the human body that helps removes waste, excess fluid, and regulate blood pressure. It also helps in the production of hormones, excretion of waste and toxins, regulation of pH and ion concentration. So, this kind of drink is dangerous to our kidneys, I will advise everyone to stay away from it.

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