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Quick Remedy: If You Are Battling With Stomach Ulcer, Boil Fig Tree Leaves And Drink For 2 Weeks.

Stomach ulcers occurs when the thick layers of mucus protecting the stomach from digestive juices are reduced, allowing these juices eat away the stomach lining leading to an ulcer. Stomach ulcer is caused by a microorganism known as Helicobacter pylori and even frequent taking of pain relievers.

If you have ulcer or know someone who has ulcer you would know how painful and discomforting stomach ulcer can be, abdominal pains, heart burns, loss of weight and appetite, bloated stomach, diarrhea, headaches etc.

And the funny thing is after taking drugs like antacid which helps in relieving these symptoms for sometime, these pains go and come back even worse than it were before.

I'm writing this article because i know the unbearable pains and sleepless nights that comes with stomach ulcer, that's why i want to show you how this plant is miraculously working for me.

This miracle plant Fiscus capensis can be found in different parts of Nigeria, it is populary known as "fig tree" and is called "opoto bunkun" in Yoruba. All parts of this plant are medicinal and even edible, the Igede and fulani people use the leaves as vegetable.

Procedure 1

1. Pluck the the leaves and wash properly to remove sand and dust.

2. Cut into small pieces (so the active ingredients of the leaves are gotten).

3. Cook for at least 15-20 minutes.

4. Drain the water from the leaves allow to cool.

5. Your herbal tea for stomach ulcer is ready.

Drink this herbal tea continiously twice a day for two weeks for effective and fast results.

Procedure 2

1. Pluck few of the leaves and wash properly to remove dust and sand.

2. Chew the leaves raw for two weeks.

Try out any of these procedures of choice for two weeks and thank me later.

If your stomach ulcer comes with bleeeding, perforation or blockage, please visit a doctor immediately.

Thanks for reading.

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Content created and supplied by: GloryAgbo0707 (via Opera News )

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