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Have You Heard Of Black Seed? See Why It Is Called Miracle Seed

Have you heard of the black seed known as the 'miracle seed'? I guess you're wondering what kind of seed could possibly be called miracle seed. You are not alone, I was also astonished the first time I heard someone calling a particular black seed, miracle seed. I couldn't digest easily that there is such a seed that should be ascribed as a miracle seed, so I decided to carry out my findings, and here is what I have discovered. 

Black seed commonly called miracle seed for its medicinal value is the seed of a flowering plant known as Black Cumin (Nigella sativa). The seed has been used to make medicine and oil in Asia, Middle East, and Africa for over 2000 years. 

The renowned medical site, Webmd published that the seed is used for the treatment of so many diseases, hence the name 'miracle seed'. Some of the ailments which the seed is believed to have solution for include; arthritis, asthma, toothache, diabetes, nasal congestion, cancer, prevention of pregnancy,y and several others.  

Historically, black seed has been used by millions of people in Asia, the Middle East, and other parts of the world as an immune booster to support their health. 

Have you used this seed before, what can you tell us about its effectiveness?

Content created and supplied by: Eshovi (via Opera News )

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