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BSUTH Cuts Off Lady's Breast Only To Later Find Out That She Does Not Have Cancer

A lady named Serah Shimenenge Yugh lost one of her breasts because of an error in diagnosis during her service in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in the year 2017. The lady, Serah Shimenenge Yuge is seeking justice and raising wrong diagnosis awareness against the Benue State University Teaching Hospital after one of her breasts was cut off because of the wrong diagnosis of her having cancer, which was not true.

Take a look at the photo of Miss Serah Shimenenge Yugh.

However, according to Foundation for Investigative Journalism (FIJ), it was at the National Hospital in Abuja that her oncologist found out on her tumor maker test result that she does not have cancer. Meanwhile, before it was discovered that Miss Serah Shimenenge Yugh was clear of cancer, i.e she does not have cancer, one of her breasts was already gone.

Later, two other hospitals confirmed that Miss Serah Shimenenge does not have cancer. During her meeting with the then commissioner for health of Benue state, she was offered a job and a breast reconstruction surgery, which she rejected the offers, saying it was a way to make her silent.

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