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How long should a man abstain from his wife after childbirth?

The fact that there is no specific medical directive on how long a man should wait before getting intimate with his wife does not mean that he should not abstain at all. There are instances of men who started harassing their wives for intercourse barely 2 weeks into child birth. This is a disgusting act from all indications.

Yes, there is no definite waiting period, but a normal period of waiting should span from four weeks to six weeks minimum, according to medical experts. The reason being that when a woman gives birth, her body commences a healing process; when bleeding stops, that is when tears heal and the uterus closes. During this period, any activity of intercourse puts the woman at a great risk of having complications; complications that could result into an uncontrollable bleeding.

Also, having intercourse within the first two weeks of birth puts the woman at risk of postpartum hemorrhage and uterine infection. Some other factors which include but not limited to the pain of labour and trauma experienced, requires that a woman relaxes for some weeks, in order to get herself back in a right frame of mind and emotion that will truly be ready for intercourse.

Otherwise, any auction during this period amounts to harassment and assault cum abuse of the woman in question. Men are therefore, advised, to try as much as possible to give that little time frame to their wives; so that they can be balanced almost all round before resuming their other room assignment. This will increase the respect the woman will have for the man and also give the woman a air of confidence around the man.

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