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The best and fastest way to know a fraudster

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In this article, I would be enlightening you on how you can stay safe from a fraudster and properly identify them with their attributes/characteristics.

1. They stay discrete: Though they talk to you well, they don't really identify their purpose or goal or what they want you to do. They just tell you what you would gain and what to do to get the gain.

2. Their words are narrow: They are too specific about what they say as I said earlier.

3. They pressurize you: They always want you to do things in their way very fast and they pressurize you and use some words to lure you into their trap like (its closing soon!!).

4. They use seducing words: Most of them use seducing words and mostly come in form of a beautiful lady.

5. Their profiles are suspicious: Just check their profiles they should be less posts and if there are posts, most of them would be on links and how to make money.

6. They use DM and some other related abbreviations a lot.

7. They don't feel comfortable when you are asking them lot of questions.

This is where we would stop for now see you next time. Don't forget to do my favour and comment your thoughts and the other ways they use in the comment section.

#Stay safe

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