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Never allow these 5 things control your Mind or Life

Life is not a bed of roses.We live everyday with the hope of a better future but most times we all suffer the common symptom of trying to lock ourselves up in our own head, trying to create a world of our own. A world that is different from the current one and one that has us as it's only occupant. This world may stem out from stress and certain things that makes us suffer within our mind.

So I have listed out five things you should never allow to control Your life, some you know but some you unknowingly give power telling yourself deceitfully you have control over them.


At one point in our lives, we are going to get into one or create one but no matter what kind of relationship you are in,never allow it to control you.You had a life before it and should have one still even if you have a partner, yeah there are little adjustments you can make but never do that by completely wiping out your true personality or identity. NEVER

2. Money

Money has a lot of mind control ability hovering around it but it is because of the power most of us gives it. Always believe you would have it but never allow it make you do insane things such as gambling, cybercrime, rituals just to get it. Because in doing so, you are only digging a grave of massive unhappiness & misfortune for yourself. Money will come but do not allow it dictate for you.

3.Peer pressure

The is one problem teenagers, upcoming adults have seriously faced or is facing.Just because you are not doing things like others, following trends on the latest fashion style, therefore you are awkward or an alien. Always be true to yourself and do what works for you. Because even if you succumb to the pressure, you are not seeking your own happiness but just looking for a validation from your mates that is not important. Have a social life which includes making friends but NEVER listen to them at the expense of what works for you.


They will come or exist but does that make it a fact that you are the only one that has them, No. We all have fears, insecurities that we always want to hide and never want to face, but you have to know that not facing this fears, will make them only look bigger and more scary. Your insecurities are there, what are they, your body, your finances, your relationships, if it is something you can change, then do it but if it is what you cannot change, leave it and live your life with a smile & complete acceptance of your situation.

5. Addiction

This is the king of mind control, it gives you a false sense of satisfaction when actually it is killing you. Stopping an addiction is never an easy thing but taking the first few steps towards stopping it is the beginning of your success. What is your addiction, pornography, smoking, alcoholism e.t.c. You have got to admit first that you are addicted, set up a goal of giving up for a day, few days, a week, a month, little victories that would lead to a full blown triumph. Never allow your addictions control you.

Be the King/Queen of your own life

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