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5 Things You Should Not Do When You are Angry.

Anger is one negative emotion that can place one in a state of regret and agony when not properly managed. According to research, it is discovered that most of the awful and regretful moments in most people’s lives are a result of the decision they took while they were angry.

Regarding this article, we shall be examining 5 things you should not do when you are angry in other not to have a course to regret in the future. See them below.

1. Avoid making decisions.

Research has shown that 95 percent of the decisions that were motivated by anger and a feeling of resentment usually amount to regrets. Making a quick decision on an issue or situation because your boss, friend, wife, or maybe your children made you angry can lead to a detrimental effect that you might regret.

2. Shouting.

I understand that the pressure from your boss, wife or children can put you in a devastating mood and in a state of anger. Nevertheless, psychological studies have shown that shouting at a person who made you angry or shouting randomly due to a bad temper can be of negative impact on one’s health. Research has shown that this practice can expose one to high blood pressure or depression.

3. Harbouring anger and resentment.

Harbouring resentment or keeping malice with someone isn’t the right step to take when angered. As a matter of fact; this practice can cause a displacement in one’s health and can furtherly lead to depression.

4. Sending social media messages or text messages.

Sending messages of any sort while in an angry mood is one act that can lead to regret in the future. As you already know; any message or impression that has been sent cannot be retrieved, and that is the more reason you shouldn’t send any message while you are angry to avoid sending something you might regret later.

5. Driving.

Driving your car or motorcycle while angry is one act that can be detrimental to one’s health and life. When a person is angry, he is being controlled by his emotions, which automatically reduces his thinking ability and foresight. In summary, driving when angry can increase the possibility of experiencing an accident.


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