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Treat Chronic Gonorrhea, Syphilis And Other Infections.

infections or microorganisms are caused my harmful bacteria. Sometimes, they are not associated with any symtomps but they can still cause serious problem to the body system.

What are these microorganisms or infection?

1. Gonorrhea :are also known as the clap and the drip, is caused by neisseria gonorrhoeae. men and women can be infected. gonorrhea also increases the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease in women.

2. Syphilis : can also affect men and women which is cause by bacteria treponema pallidum. Untreated syphilis can be sometimes complicated to treated.

So am going to give you the solution or remedy for infections, I know some people have spend alot of money but still resisting drugs and injections. Don't worry just make it up to get all the following items listed below ;

1. Honey

2. Moringa

3. Guava leaf

4. Bitter leaf

Mixture: Cook all the mixture will only 5 litters of water. But you will cook only the moringa, guava leaf, bitter leaf and drink then conclude with honey, take it for 10 days only.

thanks for reading please comment, share and like for others people benefits.

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