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Every Woman Should Avoid Cervical Cancer By Staying Away From These Things

Cervical cancer is a type of cancer that affects women. Cervical cancer starts in the cervix and if not treated on time it spreads to other organs around the pelvis. The good news is that cervical cancer can easily be prevented if you take the right steps in your early stages of life.

What causes cervical cancer?

·        Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the virus that causes cervical cancer.

Other ways you can increase your risk of having cervical cancer are:

·        Using birth control pills

·        Genetic history (family history)

·        Obesity

·        Smoking

·        Poor intake of fruits and vegetables

·        Getting pregnant below 17 years of age

Some symptoms that occur when a person has cervical cancer are:

·        Pain while urinating

·        Unusual smelly vaginal discharge

·        Frequent urination

·        Unusual bleeding after menopause or periods

How can cervical cancer be prevented?

·        HPV vaccine: this is best for women within the age range of 9-26

·        Use protection when getting intimate

·        Be faithful to your partner

·        Practice abstinence

·        Don’t smoke

How can cervical cancer be treated?

·        Surgery

·        Radiation

·        Chemotherapy

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