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Why I Should Stay Fit and How I Should Stay Fit- Don't scroll down without reading these tips

Why do we have to lose weight, do we think it will make us more beautiful or to make also feel better about ourselves.

But whoever said thinness is synonymous to beauty

In my opinion,one should only lose weight to stay fit and healthy.

You hear a lot of people tell you they lost their self esteem because they were fat and because of what people told them because of their size

You hear statements like she called me a cute cow. No I don't agree fat or slim all is beautiful the only thing I would advise is love yourself and stay fit. Photocredit: Google

Photo credit:g google

Because sometimes being to overweight can cause some problems such as:

1. Diabetes

2.High cholesterol

3. Heart issues

4. Difficulty in breathing

One can stay fit through the following

1. Exercise

2. Eating healthy

3. No late night snacks

4. Eating early

5. Enough rest

Trust me it helps and above all keep your mental health in check!

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