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Why Lemon Water Is Good For Your Sex Life

According to Healthline", Adding lemon water to your diet soothes the indications of constipation, is an anti-inflammatory, and increases your overall blood flow (much like our award-winning hydro pumps). Blood flow is one of the most crucial things when we talk about our copulation drive and how well we can function in the bedroom! Amazing blood flow is linked to erection quality, stamina, and pleasure. However, here is why lemon water is good for the body.

Boost intercourse drive

Lemon water is great for your coupling drive because it helps your mental health. Lemon has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory functions that work against several degenerative conditions and even some brain infections.

Pain Reliver

Lemons have the highest concentration of citrate.

It is one of the natural inhibitors of kidney stone formation. When you suffer from pain during intercourse then your fertility will naturally suffer. The same situation happens when you try to urinate, pain, pain, Drinking lemon water twice a day decreases the rate of the stone formation. Normally, we do not connect organ with kidney health but the connection between pain and pleasure is obvious. Lemon water will help you to control your coitus drive and protects you from feeling pain because of kidney stones. Your weight also affects your fertility. Unnecessary stones, low metabolism, low energy all coupling drive killers.

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