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WARNING: Stop Drinking Garri With Sugar If You Don't Want Any Of These 5 Things To Happen To You

Cassava flakes, popularly known as Garri by Nigerians, has over the years been the most common and available food in Nigeria. It's a food eaten by both the rich and the poor, as it is said to have been saving lives for ages. Garri could be prepared with hot water and taken with a soup, but it is more commonly prepared with cold water and drunk with any of the following; sugar, kulikuli, groundnut, coconut, roasted meat or fish, biscuit, suya, among others.

Due to it's commonness and availability, most people prefer to drink Garri occasionally, especially students who every now and then are seen drinking Garri. Most of these people who drink Garri always drink it with sugar, which is not supposed to be so, because drinking Garri with sugar regularly has many side effects of which I'm sure most people who drink Garri occasionally are not aware of. You should stop drinking Garri with sugar if you don't want any of the 5 things I listed below to happen to you. Please read on.1) Unnecessary weight gain: You probably dislike people who are obese, and probably abhor the thought of getting fat, but you don't know that regularly drinking Garri with sugar makes you gain unnecessary weight. This happens because the body constantly has high levels of blood sugars (end product of carbohydrates). Stop regularly intake of Garri and sugar if you don't want to gain unnecessary weight.

2) Poor metabolic health: It's true that carbohydrates are the main/primary source of energy to the human body, however, excessive intake of carbohydrates could result to poor metabolism among other things. Continuous intake of Garri and sugar leads to excessive intake of carbohydrates, thereby causing poor metabolic health.3) Increased risk of heart disease: Heart disease is another side effect of excessive carbohydrates in the body, therefore avoid sugar and Garri if you wish to live long.

4) Diabetes: Diabetes is a condition where the body is unable to produce insulin from the pancreas. Lack of insulin results to excessive glucose in the blood which is abnormal, and what causes this inability to produce insulin is excess starch/carbohydrates. Avoid it.

5) Addiction: It is said that too much of everything is not good. If this is true, then it's true that continuous intake of Garri and sugar is not good, and so you should stop it. The continuous intake could also lead to addiction, which makes it difficult you to give up the habit.

The above 5 things I mentioned are reasons why you should stop drinking Garri with sugar. If you must drink Garri with sugar, them make sure you don't drink it regularly. Please leave a comment below, and follow me for more updates.

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