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Are you a novice in poultry farming?, here are some tips that can help you

Are you a novice in poultry farming?, here are some tips that can help you.

It is no longer new that poultry farming is now becoming the choice or business of many people especially keeping of broilers.Broilers is known for it's supply of meat within short period of keeping them.For those that are yet to start the poultry farming of broilers here are some steps that can be followed:

1.Source of the chicks:

Ensure you get your chicks from good and reputable hatchery that can supply you with a very active and already vaccinated chicks. The moment you get bad chicks that will be the beginning of the problem which you may not be able to combat. We have many of these hatchery enquire from those that have been in the business and they will put you through.

2.Arrival of the chicks:

At the point of arrival of the chicks,you are expected to serve them water before you introduce the feed and make sure you add glucose to their water.The glucose will serve as anti stress and also give them energy so that they can be active and gain staminal.


The chicks are expected to be fed with broilers super starter after they might have been given water.They will be placed on starter feed for the the period of 28 days. More so the starter feed should be served inside a tray feeders. The more the chicks, the more will be the number of drinkers and feeders to be used. For 50 chicks, two drinkers and three tray feeders will be sufficient for them.After 28 days of been fed on starter the feed will now be change to broilers finisher be it marsh or pellets.


The brooder of day old chicks should be well monitored in terms of temperature regulation.if the chicks all clustered at a point that mean they need more heat.The chicks will be very active when the temperature is favourable to them.more importantly, the floor should be covered with wood shavings and not sawdust.You must ensure that the brooder is always kept dry in order to prevent CRD respiratory disease.


It is a must to vaccinate the chicks in order to prevent them from disease and infection. After seven days,they are to take vaccine known as lazota and this can be easily added to their drinking water.Another vaccine known as Gomboro vaccines will be administered into their drinking water at day Fourteen. You will repeat lazota and Gomboro vaccines for third and fourth weeks respectively.

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