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Know The 5 Types Of Phobia And How To Overcome Them

Everyone in this world is scared of something, so we can absolutely state that fear is found within all of us. It is just that somebody may be scared less while others just cannot handle their fear. Just when the fear increases more than necessary, it takes the form of a serious mental disorder and that is termed a phobia.

If you fear more than necessary and without any reason then it is a phobia. The victim may be afraid of anything even a place, situation, or object. Phobia is often associated with something other than a general disorder of anxiety. It involves excess and over-reaction.

Difference between fear and phobia:

There is a huge difference between phobia and fear. Fear is an emotional response that usually occurs when someone is threatened or scolded. Whereas phobia is a dangerous and different level of fear. People may go to the extent of putting an end to their life because of phobia.

Types of phobia:

1. Glossophobia: Glossophobia is also commonly referred to as performance anxiety. The person with this phobia is afraid to speak in front of people. When disturbed people arrive in front of the crowd, their condition can also be identified with many physical symptoms. Glossophobia can be cured with medicines and therapy.

2. Acrophobia: The victim of this phobia is afraid of heights. The person with acrophobia is afraid of going on top of mountains, bridges, and multi-story buildings. Symptoms of acrophobia include dizziness, sweating, and a feeling of unconsciousness.

3. Trypanophobia: A lot of people would relate to this phobia. As per figures, about 30% of adults have a phobia of injections. While fear of injections is quite common, a phobia can be dangerous.

People who are phobic of injections try to avoid doctors and medical treatments. Also, they try to avoid the triggers and this is why trypanophobia is often left untreated. Not just that, because of this phobia, people don’t receive medical treatment even if it is highly required.

People who have an extreme phobia of injections experience symptoms just upon thinking about injections. They feel elevated heart rates, profuse sweating, and dreary feelings.

4. Agoraphobia: In this very phobia, the person is extremely terrified of going to crowded places, so in order to avoid these agoraphobic people prefer to stay alone and keep themselves isolated.

People with this phobia may feel that someone in the crowd will attack them, from which they will not be able to escape. At the same time, people struggling with serious medical problems can have multiple attacks of agoraphobia where they feel that in the time of a medical emergency among the crowd, help will not reach them in time.

5. Aerophobia: People who have fear of flying have aerophobia. They fear taking an airplane for traveling even though air accidents are uncommon.

Usually, people with this phobia experience rapid heartbeat, trembling hands & feet, and dizziness when they think about flying. This is best controlled through exposure therapy where the person is slowly exposed to flying in order to develop the habit and eventually get rid of aerophobia.

Treatment of phobia:

Cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT techniques are mostly used in the treatment of phobias. In this therapy, the person is confronted with what they are afraid of in a controlled situation. With this treatment, the person starts to return to normal and their anxiety problem starts to disappear gradually.

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