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20 Reasons Why Some Kids Are Born With Colorful Eyes.

20 Reasons Why Some Kids Are Born With Green, Blue, Red And Brown Eyes.

1.)In this model, the brown - eye color gene was always dominant over the blue - eye color gene, and only two blue - eye color genes could color eyes blue.

2.) It was thought that each person received one eye color gene from each parent, and the dominant gene determined eye color.

3.)The combination of having less melanin ( as with green eyes ) and a lot of melanin ( like brown eyes ) make this eye color unique.

4.)If more protein is produced, then the eyes received more melanin, and eye color leans toward the brown end of the color spectrum.

5.)Though brown eyes are the most common genetic eye color, there is more genetic variation among those with brown eyes than those with blue eyes.

6.)Babies with these health conditions are more likely to need treatment to help lower their bilirubin levels than babies with physiologic jaundice.

7.)If you and your baby have different blood types, your baby may get immunoglobulin ( a blood protein ) through a needle into a vein.

8.)If your baby has mild jaundice, her provider may recommend that you breastfeed your baby more often so that she has more bowel movements.

9.)In addition to questions about when baby will sit up, crawl, and walk, many parents ask their doctor about the baby's eye color.

10.)But if only one eye changes color ( which is very rare ) or if you notice cloudiness in your baby's eye, contact the pediatrician or pediatric ophthalmologist.

11.)In this article, I will examine some of the most important bacterial infections of the skin and eyes and discuss how biofilms can contribute to and exacerbate such infections.

12.) Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome ( SSSS ) is another superficial infection caused by S. aureus that is most commonly seen in young children, especially infants.

13.) S. aureus is also commonly found in the nasal passages and on healthy skin, but pathogenic strains are often the cause of a broad range of infections of the skin and other body systems.

14.) Like the skin, the surface of the eye comes in contact with the outside world and is somewhat prone to infection by bacteria in the environment.

15.)Impetigo can be caused by S. aureus alone, by Streptococcus pyogenes alone, or by coinfection of S. aureus and S. pyogenes.

16.)If your eyes are naturally green and you wear glasses, lenses featuring anti - reflective ( AR ) coating can showcase your eye color.

17.)Not all contact lens prescription powers are drastically less than the glasses prescription for the same person, but usually the power used for contact lenses is reduced.

18.)Talk to your eye care professional if you have any questions about your prescription or are curious about getting contact lenses or glasses.

19.)More technical aspects of your prescription ( the power and axis determined to correct astigmatism, for instance ) may also be included in both the contact lens and glasses versions of your prescription.

20.)Eye care professionals usually have an idea of which contact lenses work best with different eye conditions, so they will suggest a particular toric lens for your astigmatism, or a type of disposal lens based on your needs, for example.





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