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How to Open Your Locked Door From the Outside Without Key.

Picking a lock is something that some people will have to do from time to time throughout their life. Picking locks is somewhat simple as long as you know what you are doing, but can be difficult if you have never performed this before.

Picking one lock will be the same for almost every other lock, and once you know how to pick a lock you will be able to do this time and time again. Don't ever pick a lock that is not your own.

1. Pull the bobby pin slightly apart to widen the space between the two arms. Insert the bobby pin into the lock. Make sure that the arm with the bumps on it is facing the same side as the tumbler pins inside the lock.

2. Push the bobby pin all the way into the lock and turn the handle as you are pushing the bobby pin. Pull the bobby pin back out and push the pin back in. Keep turning the handle as you move the pin in and out of the lock.

3. Repeat these steps until you have correctly lined up all of the tumbler pins inside the lock and the handle turns, opening the door. Make sure that every time you push the bobby pin into the lock you are applying pressure to the tumbler pins inside the lock and turning the handle.


Only open locks which belong to you, or ones you have been given express permission to open.

Being locked out of a room in your home doesn't have to mean an expensive call to the locksmith. Luckily, you can use a bobby pin to open many types of doorknob locks.

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