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3 Ways In Detecting Azoospermia In Men

Azoospermia is a medical condition in which there are no sp*rms in a man's semen. There are no specific symptoms of this health problem but you might get to know through tests if you've been trying to get your partner pregnant but not able to have a baby.

This problem makes your testicles not produce sp*rm or stops sperm from getting out of your body. The normal sp*rm count of a man is 15 million/mL or more than that.

Men with a lesser sp*rm count than this measure, (oligozoospermia or oligospermia) have a sp*rm concentration of less than 15 million/mL. If you are suffering from this condition azoospermia, there is no measurable sp*rm count in your ejaculate. There are mainly three types of azoospermia, including testicular azoospermia, testicular azoospermia, and post testicular azoospermia.

You may not have any symptoms or some may not even be aware that they have azoospermia until they are not able to conceive. However, some signs you experience might be because of other related symptoms of any existing underlying causes, including hormonal problems or genetic chromosomal conditions.

 Some Possible Symptoms of Azoospermia are:

1. Less hair on the body or face: Azoospermia is associated with lower levels of testosterone in the body. Lower testosterone levels may lead to scarce growth of hair on the face, chest, groin area, and overall body. When a person who was once healthy and is facing this issue due to an injury might also experience slower hair growth and increased hair fall. Sudden pattern baldness also indicates some issues in your body.

2. Discomfort around the testicles: Patients might experience pain and discomfort in their testicles. It can be both chronic and intermittent. Testicular pain can be due to issues in testicles as well as other internal organs. In most cases, such situations require immediate medical attention. Delay in getting help can also lead to permanent and more severe damage to the organ.

3. Swelling around the testicles: Patients who suffer from obstructive azoospermia, may experience pain and swell around their testicles. It mostly happens due to blockage of the passage and if you experience any sort of swelling in your groin, you must immediately consult a doctor. Some patients also report pain and increased swelling after s*xual stimulation.

Causes of Azoospermia:

Azoospermia can happen due to a blockage along the reproductive tract, ejaculation issues, hormonal problems, and abnormalities in the testicular structure or function. Certain causes of azoospermia can be treated, thus fertility can be restored.

But due to some causes, it might be possible to bring back live sperm to be used in reproductive medical procedures.

Here are the main causes of azoospermia:

1. Infection.

2. Vasectomy.

3. Inflammation.

4. Past surgeries in the pelvic area.

5. Trauma or injury.

6. Cystic fibrosis gene mutation.


If you have the obstructive type of azoospermia, then the best course of treatment is surgery as it can remove the blockage. If it got blocked recently, then there are higher chances that the surgery will be successful.

Bringing back the sp*rm can help men who have nonobstructive azoospermia or those who have a blockage but do not want to go for surgery.

Another reproductive technique is to use a tiny needle to draw sp*rm from a testicle. You can freeze the sample and use it later on through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). 

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