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Meet Man Who Underwent Plastic Surgery To Look Like Platypus

Jenya Bolotov has spent the past seven years, and God knows how much money, transforming into a 'human platypus', a laborious transformation that has seen him modify his facial features beyond comprehension so that he can finally feel that he 'belongs'.

The 26-year-old designer, originally from Russia, has stretched the earlobes, the nostrils, and the septum and the two lips, combined by more than nine inches, to emulate the distinctive peak of his animal spirit.

Furthermore, he is the only person in the world who has stretched the upper bridge of his nose (or Surna) to further authenticate his platypus appearance. Explaining his reasons for taking such extreme measures to achieve his desired look, he said, I love the platypus, the way they look, and even the word “platypus” itself. So I truly adore the way my face stretches and my lips now look like a platypus.

Jenya says all the changes I've added to my body make me feel complete. That's what I am now. It is what I've always wanted to be. But despite this, Jenya has no intention of quitting, promising to continue changing his body until he is happy.

He explained: I stretched my face and lips a little at a time and continued. There were no limits. It took me years to get where I am and now I feel I finally belong to this world. Looking at me externally, I am now a platypus. So my likeness is what I want it to be. Inside, however, they are more like a bird. I am my spiritual animal and come to me in my dreams.

Jenya's lips are now permanently stretched to a combined size of 91mm, but he insists that enlarged function doesn't interfere with his daily life, saying, I can eat, talk and talk on the phone like everyone else. Nothing has changed at all.

Do you think this is a crazy body modification or should we have the power to alter our appearances the way we want? Let us know your thoughts.

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