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Inventions Invented By The Chinese Hundreds of Years Before The Europeans and Westerners Did

When you think about the world of inventions and the several resources that have been provided both in terms of mental resources and materialistic resources, one cannot do without mentioning or perhaps considering the great advantage that the Chinese have in such discussions. They are not just people of great population resource but also a community of people with great skill at creating new solutions to problems; from very simple, basic problems to much more complicated and challenging problems, the Chinese people have solution in terms of the invention for all of it.

Researching products on the sales website, one would find that there is a Chinese product that allows you to keep your room clean while also getting rid of mosquitoes, in the same breath, one could also find that there is a Chinese Invented medical tool that allows for better surgical procedures. This shows just how resourceful the population of the scientific and perhaps none scientific people of the Chinese nation are. However, one wonders if this great resourcefulness that is present in the very fabric of what makes up the Chinese population can only be related to the modern world. Perhaps there was a time when the Chinese people also dominated the world of inventions in the past and their efforts sidelined or made inferior to western inventions due to inappropriate documentations?

To properly shed light on the genius of the Chinese people in terms of inventions, one would have to look deeply at their history of invention and scientific approaches. Thankfully, Dr. Joseph Needham through his documentations, made it easy. Needham was captivated by the Chinese people and their approach to science when he visited the area in 1942. He made some documentations of some of their most ancient documentation, some of which had been invented by this Asian population before the western world even imagined doing so. Below you will find eight of such inventions.

Needham's surprise and joy at the scientific growth of the Chinese people led him to work on his project, “Science and Civilization in China ”. It comprises 27 published books in 7 volumes on the subject and covers every aspect: from mathematics to medicine. There, the below can be seen.

First on this list would be the invention or creation of the Paper money, toilet paper, and a restaurant Menu; it does seem interesting that at a time when the Europeans were still buying Papyrus from Egypt, and using parchments for their rigorous and sometimes biased documentation, the people of China were already enjoying the use of paper. They were not only enjoying it, but they had also become so comfortable with the use of paper, that they used it for several things, making it light, or hard, and semi-hard to fit whatever purpose they deemed fit. As Ancient Origins notes, paper making has been linked in Chinese history to Cai Lun, a eunuch of the emperor’s court. Although it’s officially acknowledged that papermaking was born in AD 105, recent investigations have traced it back to the 2nd century BC.

Another such invention is Printing; printing significantly moved the world of science forward. It catapulted the world invention through its healthy influence on reading. But while we sometimes say it was invented decades ago, some Chinese people might disagree and claim that in fact, it was invented hundreds of years ago. According to people in the far east, the first-ever printed book is the Diamond Sutra.

It is noted that printing in its earliest form among the Chinese people, started with Masters who put ink on an inscribed wooden block. While they use it, they simply allowed the ink to flow through or over the characters that had been carved into the wood. After the process, a reversed picture of the wooden block was left on paper that took the ink easily. However, with time it got even better, when just one Century later, a man called Bi Sheng, brought an upgrade to the system by introducing movable type printing. This meant individual characters could be moved, and carved on clay pieces, and hardened with fire, after which it will be attached to an iron plate to print one page of text. Though when the west would say it, they would say Printing was first invented by Johann Gutenberg, who by the way, used almost the same technology to print the first Bible in the 1450s.

Thirdly, is an ancient earthquake detector; Now imagine hearing that though the west came up with ways to identify earthquakes in their proportions about a few hundreds of years back, the actual first few earthquake detectors were made in China at least a thousand years ago.

The instrument above is used to determine earthquakes, and inside it is a pendulum that is moved based on Earth's tremor. The continuous movement leads to the swinging of the pendulum which causes motion to the internal levers inside the vessel. This triggers the release of a small ball held by a dragon that faces the direction of the epicenter of the tremor. This ball falls into the mouth of a frog right below it, hence heralding the danger.

Another such invention is Rockets, as noted by Needham and Ancient Origins. Now when you hear Rockets you picture things that can lift off the ground into space. Perhaps you are right but sometimes, Rockets may not always get to space, they could just fly across the atmosphere. And this form of the short-time rocket was what the Chinese had before the westerners began space missions. Inventing rockets was quite easy for the Chinese since they invented Gun powder which used to be one of the main ingredients to get a rocket going. According to History, they often used papers, a few, and attach it along with gunpowder, to the bottom of an arrow.

Other mentions include; Mechanical clocks, Forks, Compass, and Alcohol.

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