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Natural ways to treat tuberculosis

Tuberculosis known by its name is a potential serious infectious bacteria disease that mainly affect the lungs. These disease are widely spread through cough, or sneeze. Based on its contagious nature lots of people have been so scared of it and many felt it has no cure.

No need for a panic because the possible steps needs to be taking to kill the pathogen/ bacteria responsible for it. Before Tuberculosis can be treated permanently one has to take his/her medicine adequately as directed by the doctor and eat good food to help fight against it.

Tuberculousis treatment can be treated by using first line drugs (FLD), which are isoniazid, rifambin, pyrazinamide, ethambutol and streptomycin.

Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A, C, and E are very advisable to be taken. These include orange, mango, sweet pumpkin and carrot, guava, amla, nuts and seeds are excellent source of vitamins to tuberculosis patient, an these must be included in the daily diet routine.

Milk is a diet for tuberculosis patient as is a great source of protein providing strength for a daily activities. You can combine a mango with milk which is a mixture of carbohydrate and protein and it's an ideal energy.

Tuberculosis is a disease with a high bacteria content, so will be of risk if a patient should engage in taking alcohol in any form as it increases the risk of drug toxicity, carbonated drinks, excess of tea and coffee, tobacco and tobacco products, an excess of spice and salt.

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