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Effects Of Onion On Your Sexual Health

According to Medicalnewstoday, onions are a versatile root vegetable utilized in many cuisines throughout the world. To reduce inflammation and maintain stable blood sugar levels, onion high content of antioxidants and sulphur compounds is put to good use. The aphrodisiacal properties of onions have long been recognized.

Higher amounts of semen in a man's body may result in more sperm production. After taking it, this won't happen right away, but it will eventually. You must understand that consuming onions before engaging in intercourse activity has no effect on arousal levels.

Medicalnewstoday suggests that a man's semen levels can be boosted by eating onions. So, you should try your possible best to continue taking more onions on a regular basis.

Several studies have indicated that onions cause the body to produce more luteinizing hormone, which in turn affects testosterone synthesis.

In addition, it reduces insulin resistance, protects against the debilitating effects of free radicals, and strengthens the testicular antioxidant defense system.

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