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Meet: The Woman With Two Uterus Who Gave Birth Twice, One Month Apart

However more often than not, twins are born within minutes of one another and most at times, the delay between baby arrivals may even get extended to days, weeks or even longer. This happened with a Kazakhstan woman who was with a "uterine didelphys" meaning she was carrying babies in both wombs. Moreover, she later gave birth to twins but they were delivered nearly three months apart.

What is a uterine didelphys?

A uterine didelphys can be seen as an abnormaly of the uterine i.e the uterus didn’t form properly during fetal development. Therefore, when the female's reproductive organs develop in the womb, two tubes often known as "Mullerian ducts", fuses to make the upper vagina, the cervix uterus and the tubes.

So, this 20 year old woman first gave birth to a baby boy and was released from the hospital after a normal delivery.

But after 26 days later, she started having some lower abnormal pain, so she went to a different hospital which the doctor performed an ultrasound on her and saw that she had two uteruses in which she was carrying twins in one of them.

Later, the doctor performed an emergency cesarean section to deliver the twins and here's a picture of the twins.

She was so glad " all thanks to the doctors, who prevailed on time" she said. Her kids weighed around 3 kilograms and we're discharged from the hospital.

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