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5 Ways to Treat Chronic Back Pain

If back pain persists for three months or more, it is deemed chronic. It can come and go, frequently offering just momentary respite and then leading to irritation. If you don't know the source, managing chronic back pain can be very difficult. We provides information on prevalent causes of chronic back pain and nonsurgical treatment options, advicing readers not to give up hope. This publication can be found in WebMD.

1. Heat/ice therapy

Tense muscles can be relaxed and blood flow improved by heat from a warm bath, hot water bottle, electric heating pad, or chemical or adhesive heat wraps. Enhanced blood flow carries the nutrients and oxygen that muscles require for recovery and maintenance. Ice or cold packs can be applied to minimize swelling if the low back discomfort is brought on by inflammation. In order to avoid causing tissue damage, it's crucial to protect the skin when using heat or cold. Applying heat before activities helps relax muscles, allowing for better flexibility and mobility; applying ice after activities lowers the likelihood that an area will become irritated and swollen from exercise. Alternating heat and ice can be especially helpful when returning to activity.

2. Stretching

Most people can benefit by stretching their legs, buttocks, hips, and low back muscles (especially the hamstring muscles). The weight of the upper body is supported by these muscles. The more flexible these muscles are, the greater movement of the back is safe. Starting small is usually advised; stretch for 20 to 30 seconds, then stop if it hurts.

3. Improve your physical fitness

Because strong core muscles support the lower back, those who are not physically active are more likely to experience lower back discomfort.

4. Avoid using any tobacco products.

In addition to all the other health issues that tobacco smoking brings about, it can limit the amount of blood and oxygen that reaches the discs, hastening their deterioration.

5. Lifestyle Modifications

It's critical to recognize your limitations when dealing with chronic pain and to adjust. Listen to your body and learn to moderate yourself." When mowing the yard, take a rest, and when carrying groceries, make multiple trips. Make a note of the activities that make your pain worse and, if you can, avoid them. This might not only make your back feel better, but it might also stop the underlying disease from getting worse.

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