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Why You Should Drink Water While Eating

According to Mayo Clinic, many individuals, including some nutritionists, think that drinking water while eating can be harmful to the body. Some have even gone so far as to suggest that drinking anything liquid, including water, is best done right after eating because that is when digestion is at its finest.

Yet, the truth is that the evidence supporting such statements has not yet been fully gathered. Others claim that drinking water while eating can dilute the digestive juices and cause a person to feel full when he or she is not actually satisfied. These are only conjectures; scientists agree that drinking water while eating genuinely has positive effects, including promoting healthy digestion and reducing choking.

According to Mayo clinic, we all know that some foods can be quite spicy or difficult for the throat to swallow, but by drinking water, you can effortlessly and fluidly push food into your system without having to exert yourself in the swallowing process. As water is such a valuable liquid, drinking it while eating can help prevent choking and unnecessarily coughing while eating, as well as constipation and a host of other issues. Anyone who claims that drinking water can impede or dilute the stomach juices that aid in digestion is therefore not entirely telling the truth.

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