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Local Remedy: The Best Way Of Treating Ulcer Without Spending Money

One of the problems most Men and Women go through in the world today is Ulcers, especially those who finds it difficult to live by every day because of the monetary aspect of life, considering what it involves to get back to full health. Hence we bring to you an easier way of getting rid of Ulcer without spending money.

Ulcers are sores on the lining of one's stomach or small intestine, with facts proving that the most suffered of this health issue is that of the stomach.

It is on this grounds that I want to say to all, weep no more for these particular problem, as there is a local remedy that works for all the 3 types of the Peptic Ulcer. The local remedy is one that went into extinction after our father's did make use of it during their days, and only came to notice in our world today thanks to research by both foreign and local research groups.

Therefore I present to us the Chromolaena Oderata ( Independent leaf ) and The Elaesis Guineensis ( Palm kernel Oil) Remedy for Ulcer.

*The Independent Leaf And Palm Kernel Oil Solution

Mode of Preparation.

1. Get enough Independent leaf.

2. Wash with salt and squeeze the water of the leaf into a tea cup

3. Get your Kernel Oil, shake it very well for proper mixing.

4. Add just 3 tea spoons of the Kernel Oil to the tea cup of Independent water.

5. Stair with a spoon or better still a washed finger any one preferable to you.

6. Drink the Mixture for 5 days and then you can go for another test, that I believe will be a positive one

Note: With Ulcers most commonly caused by Bacteria and use of Nonsteroidal Anti- Inflammatory drugs

1. the Independent leaf has the power to raise a fight with Ulcer if in any case it was caused by either of this reasons. As it has Antimicrobial effects and Anticancer in it.

2. With most Ulcer patients required to stay away from Cholesterol filled food, the Kernel oil reacts to every form of cholesterol with that environment, in the body.

Trust me when I say it can work and it is working for others hence your case shall be different. Amen. Do this and thank me later

Thanks for your reading time i we appreciate

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Chromolaena Oderata Independent Leaf And Kernel Oil Ulcer Ulcers


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